May 20, 2009

Its a bird. No its a plane..No its...Supa-Dupa-DeeJay!!! =]]

Hey what's going on? My My name is Damion Christianson Jr., and I'm 15 years old, currently attending Horn High School as a freshman. What kind of hero am I? I'd like to think of my self as a "Powerful Paladin" ="Paladins are the unsung heroes who perform good deeds not for fame or glory but for the selfless betterment of the world. Seekers of true knowledge, upholders of the virtues of goodness, nobility, kindness, and charity, they are at one with the essential rightness of the world. They seek to right the wrongs of the world, prevent injustices, stop proliferation of evil, and encourage harmony among living beings." Paladins are not followers but leaders of their own destiny.;

My Journey

When I grow up, I plan to become a successful architect making lots of money, and have a family of my own, with a nice car and a huge house. For now, as a student I hope to be successful in my last three years of high school, and to do great in baseball for my school. Maybe even get a scholarship for academics, baseball, or art. I hope to make my parents proud, and make these next couple of years memorable. How do I plan on getting there?, well I'm not perfect, and I do mess up sometimes, but the Lord has really helped me out to see things more clearly. I know that without his help, my quest will be very difficult and that there will be many obsticles to overcome. So I know he will light the way and help me to be a better beleiver, which in return will get me where I want to be.


My grandparents have played a huge role in the person i am today and the decisions ive made. My family is a Whole bunch of crazy Mexicans who know how to have a good time and all get along. But We definitely go through the rough times a lot too, and you better believe we will all be there for each other in the end, and will get through it together. I don't know what i would do with out my family, and i love them with all my heart. We are all blessed to have people that care for us so much, and i thank God for that as well. (Grandpa>)
Mom and Dad. (Keep me on lock-down 24/7, but i appreciate and love them with all my heart.)

Brother and Sister. (Always keep me busy.)

Aunts and Uncles.


Threshold Gaurdian

This Man Right here midas well be my grandparent. He's the Pastor of our Church and is very wise. The way he gives his encouraging speeches and sermons is just flat out amazing and inspiring. He's like my Yoda! God has truely blessed us to have such an amazing person with such a great outlook on life and it's true meaning, to advize us and help us to understand God's word. Thank you Brother Paul.


My parents split when I was younger and for a while I didn't really know the whole story of what happened between them. I was always scared to ask because I thought I was probably better off not knowing; and a few years ago I found out everything when my mother felt like it was time for me to know. It was a tough time between my mom, my dad, and I. Their history wasn't the greatest, but you can't change history, you just have to live with it and adapt. I remember being really mad all the time, even towards my step parents who remarried my mom and dad. How ever, my step father has been great and a loving dad who supports me anyways. I guess i didn't really know who to be upset at, and I couldn't help the fact that my outlook on both my parents was unforgiving. Through the experience, I learned a lot, and things have gotten a whole lot better since. The communication level between my Mom and I has gone up, even though her and my Dad still don't talk. We also get along better, allowing us to be happier. My Dad that was once very distant, is now very close and we share that strong "Father Son relationship." We even went on a canoe trip along the Brazos River last summer and camped out over night. Within those moments, I actually started to understand, and accept who he was. I also realized that no matter how hard we try to forget about our fears; our shadows will always be there reminding us of our past; but the worst fear would be the fear of not moving forward. So instead of forgetting about our past, we should just accept it and try to make sure our future history will be brighter.


These fools right here, always keep my parents on their toes! ha. They're my cousins and we're always doing something crazy and always doing something we shouldn't. But despite all the trouble we get ourselves into, i love them to death, and life definitely wouldn't be as much fun without them in it.

Loyal Band of Companions

Frend Mark, from church. He's always helped me out and is there when i need some one to go to for advice. Like the black brother i never had. ha.

My best friend Vic, been close since elementary and stick together always. Like a bro to me as well.
These two nuckle-heads right here are DJ, and Brittany. We are always actin crazy and are pretty much family.

Supernatural Aid

Jesus, is my main advisor. The first one i come to is him, because he always hears my prayers, and always has the answers to everything. I know that no matter what i have to go through, no matter what obstacle i have to overcome, he will be there lighting the way, every step of the way.= Psalms 23:4- Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

New Me

Having to go through harsh times without God's help is like running in the dark. No matter how hard you try to get where you have to be, you will never know where your'e going. A lot of things dont make since to me and havnt been going the way i want them to and i beleive that he can help. That's why i am going to make the decision to be re-babtised now that i know what the true meaning of it is. And for all the right reasons, I want to make a change in my life.

Yearning for his Lady.

I need the kind of woman who is strong willed, beautiful (of course), loyal, funny, posititve attitude, and understanding. I realize that this is nearly impossible to find, but atleast 3 out of the 5 characteristics will do. Ha. The past relationships havn't gone as smoothly as i had hoped for, but im not letting it bring me down and ill keep on trying to find that special someone. She will eventually pop up out of somewhere.=] But until then, my heart belongs to Jessica Alba!


67 Shelby GT500

69 Charger R/T
71 Plymouth Hemi Cuda
Lamborghini Murcielago

Audi R8