May 20, 2009

Its a bird. No its a plane..No its...Supa-Dupa-DeeJay!!! =]]

Hey what's going on? My My name is Damion Christianson Jr., and I'm 15 years old, currently attending Horn High School as a freshman. What kind of hero am I? I'd like to think of my self as a "Powerful Paladin" ="Paladins are the unsung heroes who perform good deeds not for fame or glory but for the selfless betterment of the world. Seekers of true knowledge, upholders of the virtues of goodness, nobility, kindness, and charity, they are at one with the essential rightness of the world. They seek to right the wrongs of the world, prevent injustices, stop proliferation of evil, and encourage harmony among living beings." Paladins are not followers but leaders of their own destiny.;